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5 Press Release Tips

I went for a walk last week and was wonderfully assaulted by the scents of Spring!  We’ve been truly blessed with this weather on the West Coast– and I’m not taking one day for granted.  Last weekend I went with a group of friends to see the tulip festival in LaConner, WA, a not to be missed event  (no takers with the boys in my family) and was a day worth sharing.

Last newsletter I spoke about Powerful Presentations and received a lot of great feedback from you – so thank you and keep it coming!  Recently I was asked to join as an adviser for a Tech company and one of the things I immediately noticed was their confusing press releases.  The sad truth is, the majority of releases I see on a daily basis are dreadful and miss the mark.  Let’s remember the purpose of a press release: 1) to stay transparent and compliant 2)  for shareholders to be notified of company news and events and ultimately 3)  so the media notices you  and does a free press article on you.  In my experience, most companies focus on reason number one only: to stay transparent and compliant, and sadly forget about the rest.

Here are  5 Tips to write a stellar release:
1) Short Grabby Headline:  Always have your company name, a verb, and a hook.  Ask yourself ‘who cares’ when creating the headline, which is THE most important part of the entire release.   Your headline must be engaging.
2) All facts in the first paragraph: Get all your pertinent concise information out in this first paragraph.  Save subsequent paragraphs for the details – odds are no one will read past this paragraph anyways. And importantly, avoid industry jargon!
3) Use a quote: Studies show that readers skim to the quotes first – so don’t leave them out!  This is also an opportunity for the top executive to comment in their own words how this news impacts the organization, enabling you the opportunity embed emotion.
4) Use video links: We’re inundated with information today so be clear and concise and keep it to one page whenever possible.  If you have video of what you’re describing –use it!  If you have a corporate video produced, make it a practice to have the link in the About Us section (mandatory!) of all your releases.  Journalists may even use it.
5) Include full contact information: If you’ve done a good job at hooking in a reporter or investor by all means don’t make them hunt to find you!  It’s not enough to have just your name and website, include your phone number and email address.

If you stick to these 5 rules, you should notice that media and investors will easily understand your news which will hopefully lead to additional stories and interest in your company.

This month we’re highlighting clients the CSE – The Exchange for Entrepreneurs with their brilliant initiative to highlight their issuers on BNN: http://www.b-tv.com/commercials/ My recent favorite BNN ad this month created by our BTV Editor Steve is for Micromem: http://www.b-tv.com/micromem-technologies-commercial/ Let us know what you think!

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After years of thinking about it, I’ve planted my very first vegetable garden so hope to be outdoors more to watch it grow.   Here’s to the growth of your business this Spring, let us know if we can help you prosper.


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