A Keystone Financial Top Pick


Keystone Financial Analyst, Aaron Dunn gives his thoughts on a royalty stream company.

Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp is a royalty stream company and what they do is, they make investments into small to medium-size enterprises typically that have revenues between $10 million and $50 million. And they receive our royalty stream for a period of a predetermined number of years. So this will typically be about 1.5 to 2.5 percent of the investee company’s revenues. They have a very diversified business, this is one of the reasons why we really like the company. They are invested right now at about 25 different companies right now.

So these are companies that are spread over numerous industries throughout Canada and the U.S., they have got about half of their business right now in the U.S. which is for us a key area because the U.S. economy right now is far more diversified, far healthier than the Canadian economy in our view. And so they are able to benefit from strength down in the U.S. and they potentially take the money that they’re making down there and invest it back up here in Canada, but it’s been a grow stock, they have just transitioned into profitability this year and it is still fairly early stage, but it’s the type of company where you do generate fairly stable revenues as long as the investee companies remain healthy.