“About Us” Videos Are More Important Than You Think


A company’s “about us” video is far more important than many marketers think. Why? Because it helps sell products, boost SEO and attract potential clients, while communicating who you are.

Traditionally, “about us” pages on websites are filled with lengthy text detailing the history of a company. However, an increasing amount of brands and businesses are now using video to share their company story.

While an “about us” video isn’t focused on selling a particular product, it is selling a business. Some industry experts, like online marketing consultant, Laci Texter, even go as far as to say that an “about us” video is perhaps the most important video that a brand can make.

This style of video can be used to educate consumers, clarify expectations, explain an industry, and provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of your team. Texter explains, “It tells the story of a brand, provides necessary information, fulfils a need, establishes a bit of social proof and clearly shows what a brand is about.”

Aside from humanizing a company, an “about us” video can be a useful tool for attracting prospective employees and weeding out those who may not fit well within the company’s dynamic. Giving a potential applicant a glimpse into your workplace atmosphere and philosophies generates a better understanding of your company, your expectations and their compatibility.

How to Make the Most of an “About Us” Video

Like any video you create for your business, ensure that you take the time to be unique. Just because your company specializes in dental surgery, it doesn’t mean you need to film surgeries or show decaying teeth to get your message across. Instead, think about how you can help put potential clients at ease and increase their trust.  This might be through interviewing the dentists that work there, showing off the décor and cleanliness of your facility, or using customer testimonials. Additionally, keep the videos below 5 minutes since viewers tend to have short attention spans.

Most importantly, remember that viewers want to see the “real” you, not the corporation. You’re much better off showcasing a story about what you do than pushing your products or services. Doing so will likely result in greater trust, brand awareness and sales.

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Written By Shweta Adodra