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Mick Carew On Investing In Gold

Haywood Securities Mining Analyst, Mick Carew shares his thoughts on why gold is a good investment. In terms of gold equities the potential for future rate hikes by the Federal Reserve in the US is going to play a I guess a critical role on their...


Analyst On Investing In Small-Cap Companies

Canaccord’s Senior Investment Advisor, Brent Todd explains why investing in small-cap companies is a good idea. I think it’s an exciting time for investors. They’re going to be truly able to diversify their portfolios. And...


Great Prospect Generator

Joe Mazumdar, Co-Editor of Exploration Insights, on what makes Mirasol Resources a great prospect generator. We’re focused in on exploration and the lack of exploration by producers and their need to look for high quality projects. One of the...


Analyst On Opportunities In Precious Metal

Gerardo Del Real, Editor, Resource Stock Digest Premium shares his thoughts on investing in precious metals. I’m heavily biased towards the precious metals just because I feel that there is more opportunities there. You have to be selective in...

Michael Kousaie2

Get Ready For The Next Bull Cycle

Gerardo Del Real, Editor, Resource Stock Digest Premium,  speaks on the importance of  positioning yourself well to capture gains. I think we’re at the very early stages of the next bull cycle in precious metals and to some extent copper...

Michael Kousaie

Analyst On The Top 50 TSX Venture List

Michael Kousaie, Head of Business Development Technology at TMX Group tells us how the Top 50 TSX Venture List is broken down. We try to put a spotlight on the 50 best performing companies on TSX Venture Exchange when we break that into the top 10...


Analyst Speaks On Cannabis Demand

Equity Analyst, Jason Zandberg, PI Financial speaks on the fact that there is already demand in the cannabis sector. This sector is unique in that the demand is already there, there’s $ 7 billion to $10 billion black market for cannabis. So...


Analysts Take On The Future Of Cannabis

Neal Gilmer, Research Analyst, Hardwood Securities gives his perspective on the future of the cannabis industry. I think at the end of the day, dried cannabis will become a commodity, it will take some time to get there, but once we establish that,...


International Interest in Cannabis

James Black,Listings Development, CSE talks about the international intrigue the cannabis sector is drawing. We’re starting to see an influx of companies coming up from the U.S. These are typically companies that are in a variety of sectors within...

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