Developing Products to Replace Antibiotics in Livestock Feeds


CEO of Avivagen (VIV:TSX.V), Cameron Groome talks about this company is developing products for livestock feeds to replace antibiotics for growth promotion and to help prevent disease.

Avivagen is focused on addressing the issue of antibiotic resistance caused by the overuse or the misuse of antibiotics in livestock feeds. Our company is commercializing a technology originally discovered at the National Research Council of Canada very unique discoveries, very well patented, and a real breath of intellectual property.

We are working with some of the largest feed and livestock companies in the world. They are exploring the use of our commercial product, which we call oxC-Beta livestock. This is the amount that would go into one ton of livestock feed and have equivalent protective effect to a much larger quantity of antibiotics. There is about one billion metric tons of livestock feed sold in the world each year.

We now have multiple trials in boiler poultry which is about $300 million tons of that global billion tons and in swine production about 250 million tons. We’re intending to reach our first commercial revenues in late 2016 and then move to broaden from our current focus across Asia to really go global as we become better resourced.

We’re taking this very seriously to build value up and down the line for our shareholders and do a lot of good for society in the process.

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