Graphite In 13 Drilled Holes


President and CEO of Berkwood Resources, Tom Yingling talks about the companies extraordinary Graphite drilling success.

Well in the industry itself, there’s going to be a shortage of the battery minerals. Everyday you turn on the radio or you turn on the news or you’re on the internet, they’re talking about how the electric vehicle, whether is VW or Mercedes, how the trend is going more and more toward electric vehicles. Berkwood’s main focus is Graphite and high tech mineral exploration in Northern Quebec. One of the unique things that Berkwood has to offer, is we’ve made a discovery right beside a very large discovery. Our neighbours got one of the largest, highest grade graphite discoveries in the world. Our whole exploration plan was very simple. All we set out to do was to prove that it went from their property onto ours. We just drilled 13 holes and we hit Graphite in every single one of them. So, we’ve accomplished what we’ve set out to do. Working in Northern Quebec has been outstanding. The First Nations are on side, the local communities are on side,the government not only supports it, they actually invest in the exploration. So, having worked all over the world in the past 25 years, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly and Quebec is amazing. We just came back from the project, we had a professional virtual reality film crew on site and they filmed several videos. Please check out our website,, we have both of them available on our home page.

The commercial market for Graphite is diverse worldwide. The Graphite industry is experiencing an increase in demand from numerous industrial sectors, spanning both developing and developed economies.

Traditional uses of Graphite include steelmaking, electrodes in electric arc furnaces, brake linings, modern pebble bed nuclear reactors, and dry lubricants. There has been an escalation in the use of Graphite in clean energies such as lithium ion batteries and fuel cells, which power hybrid and electric vehicles.

The outlook for high-quality, Large Flake Graphite demand is strong due to the development of new technologies, which use Graphite as an essential component. The United States, Europe and China have included graphite among a short list of critical materials.

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