What are Big Data Solutions?


Greg Johnston, President & CEO of Carl Data Solutions (CRL:CSE), explains this technology company that has a data storage, collection, monitoring and analysis platform to provide Big Data solutions.

Carl delivers big data solutions that collect, store and analyze information to help our customers make intelligent decisions. There’s a lot of companies that are collecting tons of information and they’re just storing it, they’re not really analyzing it and using it to its fullest advantage. We store the information and then we deliver it to our customers in a way that they can make sense out of it.

I think we’re about the only company that’s coming up with a comprehensive and templated solution to tackle utilities industry and all the data that comes with it. We’re looking at full management, for water management, we’re looking at energy and utilities, oil and gas, all these different platforms and we’re coming up with a solution that delivers comprehensive reporting and alarming, analysis to each of these verticals.

What we’re working on right now is integrating machine learning into the applications themselves, machine learning allows the end users to save a lot of time by looking at pattern-recognition, looking at the data in different ways, uncovering deep correlations between variables that previously were unknown. We’re on the cutting edge of technology and delivering solutions to clients that take full advantage of the tools that are available today. That’s what keeps me coming into work, that’s what keeps me doing what I do and try to build a bigger and better company.

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