Gold In the Abitibi Greenstone Belt


Philippe Cloutier, CEO & President of Cartier Resources speaks about the company’s main focus, the Chimo Gold Mine.

“Our key focus is in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, the Quebec portion. The commodity that we’re seeking is gold. We’ve elected to buy ounces in the ground like legacy projects and our main focus is to explore the depth extension of these deposits. I believe Cartier a is a unique story because we’ve chosen to focus on the Chimo Gold Mine. We’ve got four machines actively drilling deep down of the main vein. The past producing Chimo Gold Mine is about a 30 minute drive from Val d’Or. So, it’s proximal to infrastructure, its proximal to qualified workforce. Quebec is very proactive fiscally, so all exploration work gets a credit. Valuating the company gets done through the drill bit so the more drilling you can get done, the more results you can produce and that stands to benefit all shareholders. This is going to be perhaps our best and most dynamic year. We’re funded to the tune of 16 million dollars and we’re focusing primarily on the Chimo Gold Mine. We’ve set ourselves up to produce news throughout the year and at one point the investors are going to join the dots and hopefully that’s going to spell success for us.” – Philippe Cloutier, CEO & President of Cartier Resources

Cartier Resources Inc. is an exploration company focused on discovery in the prolific Abitibi Gold Belt in Quebec.

The Chimo mine is located on the Larder Lake–Cadillac Fault at the south-east end of the Val-d’Or mining camp. It produced a total of 379,012 ounces of gold over a production period of 13 years with 3 different companies.

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