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High Grade Vanadium

CEO of VanadiumCorp Resources, Adriaan Bakker speaks on the company’s high-grade Vanadium project in Quebec. My name is Adriaan Bakker and I work for Canadian Corp as a CEO. The projects are all Quebec based, next infrastructure, easy access....


Gold Development In Africa

CEO of Cardinal Resources, Archie Koimtsidis, talks about the company’s new discovery. I personally have been involved in the gold mining business for over 25 years in various aspects all the way from refining through the pouring of gold,...


Big Gold Growth

Paul Huet, President and CEO of Klondex Mines Ltd. predicts a pivotal year with huge growth for the company. Klondex is a high-grade gold producer in North America. Klondex currently has four operations, two of which Midas and Fire Creek are a...


New Drug Application

Denis Corin, CEO of Q BioMed, talks about the future plans for the company which includes a new drug application. Q BioMed was formulated as an acceleration company to go and source innovative undervalued biotechnology assets in the pharmaceutical...


Lithium’s High Market Value

Darryl Jones, President and CEO, of Voltaic Minerals Corporation speaks on the company’s plans for lithium in North America. The current market for lithium is the reason why we’re all here, it’s quite a bit higher than it was and a...


New Technology for Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

CEO of BioSculpture Technology Inc., Robert L. Cucin M.D. speaks about their company’s new technology that addresses Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. BioScultpture Technology has a game-changing technology which can do for obesity management and the...


Mining in Nevada

Bill Howald, President and CEO of Rye Patch Gold speaks on the company’s plans for their latest assets. I came out of a company called Placer Dome. I ran Placer Domes U.S. and Latin American exploration programs. I was intimately familiar with...

Tower One Thumb

Telecom Infrastructure in South America

Alex Ochoa, President and CEO of Tower One Wireless, on the company’s infrastructure in South America and their plans to expand into Latin America. My background has been investment banking into Latin America for the last 18 years with a focus...


Immunotherapy To End Cancer

Frederic Ors, CEO and Director of Immunovaccine speaks on the company’s solution to ending cancer. Ovarian cancer is a terrible disease called the silent killer and unfortunately when you get surgery and chemotherapy and any right cure which...


Surgery By Robots

David McNally, CEO of Titan Medical, gives insight on the company’s robotic surgical system. Multiple market research reports project that the robotic surgery market will exceed 20 billion dollars globally in the year 2021. We believe that...

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