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Pistol Bay Thumbnail

Blue Sky and Grassroots at This Historic Deposit

Charles Desjardins, President & CEO of Pistol Bay Mining, with the plans for the future of this historical deposit. I’ve actually controlled Pistol Bay since about 2006, it used to be called Solitare Minerals. I’ve been in the...


Large Copper Project JV with Teck

Elmer Stewart, President & CEO of Copper Fox Metals, explains this resource company’s goals for the next year. Our focus is simply copper projects and particularly large copper projects porphyry systems with copper and gold in them,...

Sage Gold Thumbnail

Going Into Gold Production by Year End

Nigel Lees, President & CEO of  Sage Gold, discusses this company with a gold deposit in one of the most prolific gold mining areas. We primarily focus on gold. Our primary project is the Clavos gold deposit in Timmins, Ontario. And as most...

Great Panther Silver Thumbnail

Fully Funded for Silver Production in Peru

Bob Archer, President & CEO of Great Panther Silver Corp talks about the company’s plans projects in Mexico and Peru. I’m an exploration geologist by training but launched Great Panther with my Mexican business partner in 2004 and we...


High Grade, Low Impurity Lithium

Waldo Perez, President & CEO of Neo Lithium Corp, shares his thoughts on the demand for lithium and what that means for this company. Well, I am the founder and discoverer of a previous lithium deposit which is at Cauchari that belong to Lithium...

PPX Mining Thumbnail

Going For Gold in Peru

Brian Maher, President & CEO of PPX Mining, discusses this exploration company and their Igor project in Northern Peru. In 26 months, starting in 2010, we took Prodigy Gold from a market capitalization of little over 20 million Canadian and a...

Telson Resources Gold Thumbnail

On Track to Build a New Gold Mine in Mexico!

Ralph Shearing, President of Telson Resources, explains this advanced stage company’s plans for the future. Telson is an advanced stage company. We’re able to to build a mine off of our reserves that we just recently calculated so that puts...

American Manganese CEO Clip Thumbnail

Recycling the Hazardous Waste of Lithium Ion Batteries

Larry Reaugh, President & CEO of American Manganese, shares how this company is recycling lithium batteries. American Manganese owns a disruptive technology that is going to benefit the recycling of lithium ion electric vehicle batteries. The...

Avino Silver & Gold Thumbnail

Producing Silver Equivalent in Mexico & British Columbia

David Wolfin, President & CEO of Avino Silver & Gold Mines, speaks about this junior mining company with assets in Mexico and British Columbia. I grew up in the mining business. I worked in the Avino Mine in the 80s as a teenager. Avino is...

California Gold Mining Thumbnail

Exploring for Gold in the Heart of California

Vishal Gupta, President & CEO of California Gold Mining describes this exploration company’s plans for their property along the Mother Load Gold Belt. I am a resource geologist, I am professional geo-scientist and I worked as a resource...

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