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New Technology For Extracting Lithium

MGX Minerals’ disruptive technology can extract lithium – used for batteries – from expired oil wells. MGX’s new pilot plant aims to produce lithium-carbonate one hundred times faster than from conventional lithium brine. MGX Minerals is...


International Mining Investment Conference 2018

How do you add value to the people around you? Get clear on what you want from 2018. Your future is going to be created by the actions that you take today. The International Mining Investment Conference will be held on May 15 – 16, 2018. At...


A Platform That Unites Everything Real Estate

Like a Bloomberg terminal where all stock market data is in one place in real time – RESAAS unites real estate Agents, Brokers, Franchises and MLS’s in one place. RESAAS – the global real estate platform. RESAAS provides technology for...


Defense & Personal Protection Technologies

Mission is providing products in the protective products industry. Our expertise really is technology and technology development. I’m extremely proud of the accomplishments that we’ve had at Mission Ready over the last 12 months really...


19 Million Pounds of Uranium!

Led by a team with four exceptional discoveries to date, Blue Sky’s nineteen million pounds of uranium covers about two hundred and fifty soccer fields – and is Argentina’s largest Uranium discovery in 40 years. Blue Sky Uranium Corp. is...


Hopedale Gold Project In Labrador

“My name is Roger Moss, president and CEO of Labrador Gold. We have a great project in Labrador looking for gold, it’s called Hopedale. We started with our first stage project last year, this year going back in we have specific targets...


Game Changing Investment Portfolio Organization

Victory Square Technologies is a technology investment portfolio organization that also provides venture building capabilities. Areas of focus for us include AR, VR, media, entertainment, sports and more currently and more recently been operating in...


Lithium Properties 1/2 the Size of NYC!

Fact, Argentina is the third largest global producer of lithium in the heart of the prolific lithium triangle. Argentina Lithium owns highly prospective properties half the size of New York City and has proven discovery success. The global demand...


Extraction Technology For Cannabis & More!

Radient Technologies is a company that works with natural materials and is able through the use of very interesting technology to extract chemicals of interest for many different industries. For instance the pharmaceutical industry, food and...


Spectacular Resolution In Compact Devices

NexOptic’s mission is to deliver novel optical technologies that impacts everybody’s day-to-day lives. We can enable very large apertures in very compact devices. So imagine taking things like a mobile phone and being able to create...

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