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Cortex Business Solutions are updating an age old way of doing business. Over 70 percent of companies out there still receive manual invoices and that’s the pain that Cortex is addressing there. Most recent quarter they’ve displayed about 20 percent year over year revenue growth. We’re expecting that to start to accelerate. I think the company is going forward are going to keep on maintaining as cash flow positive and EBIDTA positive positioning.

Cortex is a Network-as-a-Service that enables electronic invoicing.

Companies were facing significant challenges. When Cortex started out more than 10 years ago, manual invoicing and billing was a very costly and timely process. Companies were faced with considerable challenges in their invoices from errors in information provided, lost invoices, difficulty locating the proper approval parties, and difficulty validating costs. The processes they used were inefficient and manual and they were wasting time and money.

So we decided to do something about it. We created the Cortex Network which gives tens of thousands of companies the ability to transform their invoicing from manual to electronic saving you time and money. By focusing solely on invoicing and billing, Cortex is able to offer a single system that can be adopted by any size business to provide quick, economical e-invoicing.

Because of the flexibility of our platform, we can offer our e-invoicing solution across many industry segments, such as oil & gas, mining, waste management, construction, sports, and entertainment. Each of these markets shares a common denominator of having complex procurement cycles, supported by costly, manual processes, which can benefit from our system.

And we wanted to do it better. Any company can offer software or hardware and claim that it can perform miracles. We’d rather give you what you need, and offer you the support you need to improve your business. Cortex works with you to understand how we can get you started on e-invoicing, or make your existing systems perform better by adding e-invoicing, collaborating throughout the process for the best outcome.

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