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Today’s tip is on how to best present your company story. The message you craft can have little or no impact on your audience depending on how it’s prepared. Make your story unique or you will be lost in the crowd and garner little to no results. Author Seth Godin put it best when he wrote “The Purple Cow.” In a field of cows, imagine the impact if one was painted purple? How can you be that purple cow?

We all want to make an impact, be remembered, and share something of value. Keep that top of mind when crafting your message. I recently came back from the World Investment Conference in Toronto where I conducted for TV 20 CEO interviews of publicly trading companies. Colleagues always ask me at the end of the show what was the best story. Most of the interviews I conducted were good but few were great. The ones that were great were the ones I talked about in the lounge at the end of the show. The ones I told my colleagues about and the ones those colleagues will tell others about. The ones that were unique and told with passion resonated with me. Stories I felt a connection with because of the way the story was told. One executive put 7 mines into production in the past and had a dogged sense about building mines; I had the strong sense he was going to do it again in this new company. I’d bet on that jockey! There was another CEO that had a top, Rare Earth Geologist on his board and found an opportunity in reprocessing magnetite (a bi- product found in waste from major mining companies) into a rare earth element for sale. Wow! Having conducted close to 1000 interviews, I’m likely more skeptical than most, but I’ve observed a few things that work.

Ask yourself: Why should the viewer care? What will make me stand out? These are the questions you must answer from the onset. Failing to do this will result in a forgettable presentation. In the mining world, which was the sector for this particular batch of interviews, there are thousands of companies in Canada alone. How can one possibly stand out? Having a unique story is one way. In mining for example, having “proven management, in safe jurisdictions and financial stability” are nice benefits and good PowerPoints but they’re not going to make me remember you. Having the only domestic graphite mine in North America will catch my attention. Having clarity of message told in layman’s terms, telling a unique and simple story that others can easily share works. Do this and you will not only connect with the viewer, you will hopefully get them to retell it. That’s the ultimate goal. Don’t be forgettable; be memorable. Remember this when you’re next preparing for an interview or presentation and take a lesson from the purple cow.

Not sure if your story will resonate? Send it to us and we’ll purple-cow-vet-it for you!

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