Game Changers in Mining and Technology


David Gilmore, President & CEO of Earth Alive Clean Technologies (EAC:CSE), describes the companies technologies in the mining and agriculture industries.

Earth Alive is using the latest advances in microbial technology to develop environmentally sustainable products to replace some of the harmful chemicals used in agriculture and in dust control in the mining industry.

The company develops 2 main products one of them being EA1 which is a dust control solution and the second being soil activator or microbial bio-fertilizer. We introduce specific microbial strains into the soil either to control and bind dust particles together in the soil or to make the soil in a better position to produce bigger and better crops.

Both are worldwide patent pending, therefore making them completely unique in the marketplace. Both products are the most environmentally sustainable products on the market in their respective business units.

Earth Alive is proving as we grow out of the R & D stage and into full commercialization that profitable business principles and environmental sustainability can make very good partners.

EA1 and soil activator are gaining a foothold in their respective industries and we are solely focused in the next two or three years gaining market share and establishing our technologies as game-changers in their industries.

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