Help Put an End to Bullying


Bullying is an epidemic, it is so much a part of our society, social media has brought it to alarming concerns. The putdowns, the alienation, the criticism, it can be a negative experience to those who have encountered it. Kids and youth are such a vulnerable group. The health risks involved are depression, withdrawal and apathy, eating disorders, hopelessness and suicide. The long term effects can be traumatizing to self esteem and create problems with personal achievement and general life productivity.
Many people do not know how to deal with it or even discuss it. Many issues are not dealt with, many youth who are bullied suffer in silence or repress their grief.

I am raising awareness and campaigning for my youth initiatives with my Embrace Health Self Esteem Fund to cover the costs of my upcoming books on anti-­‐bullying and Self Esteem. I have a very comprehensive Program that deals with the cycles of Bullying that needs support. It provides immediate support to the victim also the bystander and the bully through different realms of support and self actualization. The work is professionally developed and aims to provide resilience and motivation in a framework that works specifically for that individual. The goal is to bring awareness and change help the youth problem solve and redirect stresses.

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