How Your Brain Responds to Video Content


Great landing pages, campaigns, emails and websites have one mission: get visitors to take action. And whether that’s signing up for a demo, downloading some piece of content, or subscribing to a newsletter, you first need to establish trust with your audience.

So how do you do this? Well, with video content.

Video grabs a viewer’s attention, informs them about your brand and establishes consumer confidence and trust.

We’re Programmed to Respond to Video


Before you can establish trust, you first have to grab your visitor’s attention. The best way to do this is by limiting the amount of text and instead opting for engaging video content to convey your company’s message.

According to PhD psychologist Susan Weinschenk, we’ve been programmed since our hunting days to pay attention to movement and noise. So when both our auditory and visual senses are stimulated during video-watching, our attention and focus are heightened. Additionally, we pay extra mind to people in videos because we are hard-wired to search their faces for recognition.

These factors aside, when visitors see a video on your page alongside text, they usually gravitate towards the video. In fact, Forbes Insights found that 60% of people prefer watching video to reading text. It’s easy to understand why—videos are more entertaining, easier to view on mobile devices and simpler to absorb.

Visual Info is Processed 60,000 Times Faster Than Language


One reason that video offers a greater understanding to viewers is because the human brain deciphers images simultaneously, while language is decoded in a slower sequential order. To put it into numbers, we process visual information at a whopping 60,000 times faster than language.

Not only do we process information faster through videos, but we also understand qualities like humor and sarcasm, which are commonly lost in text. While we are observing gestures, tone of voice, and images in videos, we are actually processing social and emotional information on a deeper level, which leads to a greater understanding of the new concept.

This greater understanding helps viewers learn more about your company and even help them make their purchase decisions. In a recent study, Animoto discovered that 64 percent of viewers find it helpful to watch videos to learn more about companies, and nearly all the respondents (96 percent) find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online. Not bad for a little video, eh?

What’s Trust Got to Do With It?


Aside from being informative, videos are also proven to leave a positive impression and a sense of trust.

In Animoto’s study, 71 percent of respondents agreed that watching a business video left them with a positive impression of a company. Perhaps more notably, 58 percent considered companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy.

Previous research can attest to this—in a study on trust and different forms of media, researchers found that video elicited the highest levels of trust over audio, photos and text.

Participants in the study were offered advice in different forms of media, and asked to select the medium that represented the “expert” advice. Participants stated that they trusted the non-expert advisor in the video more than the expert advisor in other media, despite the level of expertise.

Video On!

It’s no secret that visitors prefer to consume video content to reading text. Videos are easy to comprehend, they grab our attention and they make it easier for us to connect to a business, product or service.

When adding videos to any website or campaign, keep in mind that your goal is to get your visitors to take action…not for your company to make the next viral video. Focus on having one call-to-action, keep the video under 90 seconds in length, and don’t worry too much about making it cheeky and funny; studies show that instructional and product/service videos are watched just as much as humorous videos.

Overall, just remember to keep your video informative, keep it simple, and don’t forget to smile! (You might be on camera!)

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Written By Colin Osing

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