Ryan Irvine, With a Company To Be On the Lookout For


BTV Host, Taylor Thoen recently sat down with the CEO & Analyst of Keystone Financial, Ryan Irvine, to get his idea of who to look out in the market.

The first company we will talk about is the software producer, it’s called Espial, symbol is ESP on the TSX.  They are a software producer, they produce software for set-top boxes for cable companies and telcos.  So the same type of experience that you use or see using Netflix, that type of experience is what users, millennial’s everybody is demanding in the market today and that you’re simple guy that you see on say your Shaw program or your Talus program is not good enough anymore.

They have a very robust software program that is plies over top, gives you that Netflix type experience and they are selling that to cable co’s across the world right now and there is a tremendous opportunity there.  They are already selling so they are already producing revenues at this stage.  They’ve had two contracts in Europe that are coming online this year which will produce strong earnings for them, very high margin because it’s software they’re selling.  We expect this company to earn around over $0.10 per share this year.