Laguna Blends is Helping Improve Your Everyday Lifestyle


Stuart Kawasaki, President of Laguna Blends (LAG:CSE), describes this company’s healthy products and distribution method.

Laguna Blends is a health and wellness company focusing on products that people use every day adding health benefits to them and then marketing through network marketing or direct distribution.  Our first two products are hemp based. Hemp is a complete protein. In other words, it contains all 21 of the amino acids including all nine essential amino acids.

Right now we are focused on opening our business in the U.S. and Canada. And so one of the things that Laguna Blends is doing is to outsource warehousing fulfillment, customer service and product development. We’re attaching to world-class companies so that we are at the cutting edge of all these different technologies.

We are unique because for our affiliates we offer a 3D immersion technology that will allow them to build their business easily, on a global scale, from the comfort of wherever they choose to be, whether it’s in their living room, on the beach or in a coffee shop  and if they are experienced can just pick up right where they are left off or if they are brand new to the industry and have no experience at all, we have the tools and the technologies to allow them to succeed.

Right now we are in development of a focus enhancing type of product that again we may put into a coffee or something that you are using every day so that you are not having to do something different from your daily routine. And I believe that that’s one of the keys is not to change a routine, but to be able to improve your life.

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