The Future in Fibre Optics


Michael Priest, President & CEO of Lite Access Technologies (LTE:CSE), describes their future plans of providing solutions in the fibre optics market.

The market of Fibre-optics is booming. Lite access is the world leader in air blown and micro-trenched fibre optic solutions. The traditional networks that were deployed years ago, cannot handle the bandwidth that’s required and fibre allows you virtually unlimited growth.

We’ve created a deployment method that allows us to put a micro-duct 20 cm, a foot, into the ground and then we’ll put air onto it and we’ll actually blow fibre through it. A traditional network deployment of fibre optics is going to do probably 30-50 metres in a day. With our technology you’re doing 300-500 meters in a day. So it allows the deployments to be very very quick, very cost effective and environmentally friendly and most importantly future-proof. You can add fibre at any time.

2015 year-end revenues were in excess of a million dollars. Now we’ve brought in the construction side of it and quadrupled the size of our team and revenues will follow as well.

We’re in acquisition mode. We’re going to expand more into the united states, we have a number of great partners down there. I have a client down in Virginia and some providers that were providing him with some items, you know a product, here’s a piece of duct, here’s a piece of fibre but you’ll need to go out and get this and get that and he said what Lite Access is doing is providing a solution and that’s really the focus of the company, to provide the entire solution for them.

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