Resources in the Lithium Triangle


 Ian Stalker, CEO of LSC Lithium Corporation talks about their lithium resources in Argentina.

“We are in the lithium business, we’ve moved our company forward from being an acquirer of properties in the Argentinian Lithium Triangle and now we’ve moved into 2018 and we now have resources in the ground, real 43-101 resources and we’re taking that into the production mode. The real intention is to move ourselves through to production in 2021 when we think the market is still going to be in great demand for our lithium carbonate product. We’re in the northern part of Argentina between Salta and Jujuy provinces and the area is known as the lithium triangle because there’s already established lithium operations there. That means that there are well-known procedures, policies and rules in place to start a mining operation. There’s a range of things that make you unique in many ways, but you have to start with the resources and there are two resources; one is what’s in the ground and we know we’ve already got four million tonnes of that there and then of course the second part of the resources are the team that run the company. We’ve a really good mixture of both overseas individuals as well as the Argentinian group who really understand how to work up in that part of Argentina. Our work is completing the 43-101’s and the resources that we have, developing the new one’s and moving forward to that engineering study that takes us ever closer to the production scenario because remember 2021 is not quite next year but it’s not far away.” – Ian Stalker, CEO of LSC Lithium Corporation

LSC Lithium Corporation (“LSC”) is an emerging lithium producer that has amassed a large portfolio of prospective lithium rich salars in Northern Argentina and is focused on becoming a significant player in the supply of high quality lithium product to global markets.

LSC’s tenements are located in the “Lithium Triangle,” an area at the intersection of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile where the world’s most abundant lithium brine deposits are found. LSC’s land package, totaling approximately 300,000 hectares, covers multiple, non-contiguous salars. The Company is focused on six development stage lithium projects: Pozuelos, Pastos Grandes, Salinas Grandes (Salta), Salinas Grandes (Jujuy), Rio Grande and Jama.

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