How To Destroy a Virus


President & CEO of NanoViricides (NNVC:AMEX), Eugene Seymour explains how this company is creating drugs to destroy viruses.

What makes NanoViricides unique is that we are the only platform that allows rapid creation of a drug to destroy a virus. So if there is a novel virus that shows up, we can create a drug in the matter of weeks to months. Other pharma companies take years and this is a radical new technology leading the way in the field of nano medicine.

Every virus has to attach to a host cell and inject in its genetic materialcausing it to make copies of the virus. We make a small molecular mimic of that protein, and flood the body with these. The virus is then attracted to our NanoViricide. The NanoViricides opens up, encapsulate the virus, and destroys it.

We’ve createddrugs against 11 different viruses. Zika virus is making a major impact in the western atmosphere and we’re considering doing work on that. We’ve built a state-of-the-art plant. We have, I think, over 30 employees currently and we are moving towards filing for human trials with our drug for shingles. This is a radical new technology leading the way in the field of nano-medicine.

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