Detecting Concealed Nuclear Components

U.S. President Obama calls nuclear terrorism “the single most important national security threat that we face.” Detection of nuclear components is difficult with current x-ray technology as they appear as ordinary metals. Thunder...


Roxgold Pour’s First Gold

The focus of Roxgold is the operation and growth of the high grade Yaramoko gold project in Burkina Faso. We recently poured our first gold at the Yaramoko gold project. We poured about 1000 ounces of gold from the start-up of the commissioning of...


How Is This Company Increasing Their Gold Production?

Klondex Mines (KLDX) is a Gold and Silver producer, on a path to produce 150 thousand gold equivalent ounces this year, which is approximately sixteen percent increase from last year. We have two operating mines in Northern Nevada. We have the Midas...


A New Telescope to See Invisible Entites

This week’s BTV Spotlight features Thunder Energies, under the symbol TNRG. The company has three innovative divisions, Nuclear, Combustion and their Optical division which has developed the world’s first telescope to see Antimatter galaxies....


Thunder Energies Spotlight

Thunder Energies (TNRG:OTCBB) – with the world’s first telescope to see galaxy antimatter. Antimatter could pose a global threat because it reacts explosively on contact with matter – just half a gram of antimatter would be the equivalent of...


Pure Energy Minerals Spotlight

There’s a revolution happening in energy, and it’s not in oil and gas, it’s in energy storage. Pure Energy is based in Nevada which is home to the only producing lithium mine in North America. Pure Energy has signed a cornerstone supply...


Mag One Products Spotlight

Magnesium demand is projected to grow 5% a year and with only one active manufacturer in North America, Mag One Products sees opportunity with their unique technology We have a technology that’s a game changing technology Mag One’s...


MagneGas Corporation Spotlight

MagneGas Corporation is the only company that is gasifying liquid waste to produce a syngas, which we call MagneGas2. In the past there was no other alternative for acetylene. Now there is an alternative. The US Navy found on their applications,...


Orex Minerals Spotlight

Orex Minerals 60 second Spotlight Our two main projects have majors that are footing the bill and getting ready to do much more exploration. We don’t believe we’re getting full value in our stock price for two very different geographical...

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