The Human Element – Why You Need to Introduce Your Team With Video


People are curious by nature, so it should come as no surprise that business videos that explore real-life personalities and behind-the-scenes footage are compelling and helpful in attracting new customers.

And in this era that’s over-saturated with technologies, adding a “human” element is crucial in creating a sense of connection with customers.

Here we’ll explore how three video types—customer testimonials, unboxing videos and behind-the-scenes videos—can do just that: connect with customers, and in turn, boost company sales and brand image.

Customer Testimonials

So why are video testimonials so successful? It’s all about trust.

Consumers rely heavily on the reviews of others to make their purchase decisions, even people they don’t know. In fact, an outstanding 79% of online shoppers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.

That, combined with the fact that 58% of consumers consider companies who have video content to be more trustworthy, makes video reviews one of the best marketing tools you can have.

Having testimonials in video form also make them much easier and quicker to digest. A testimonial like the one below contains a lot of important information, but can appear daunting and unexciting to read, whereas the sounds, actions and expressions in a video will appeal more to a majority of consumers.

Just make sure your video testimonials aren’t too long – have the customer highlight a maximum of three key benefits, and keep it under 90 seconds. Keeping it short means you can keep viewers’ attention, especially if you plan to post on your social channels where users are quickly consuming and flipping through a wide range of content.

Unboxing Videos

According to Google, “unboxing” videos on YouTube received 57% more views than the same time last year – proving that consumers want to watch this type of video more than ever.

Unboxing videos are exactly what they sound like, a video of someone unboxing a new product. Despite their simplicity, these videos are a great way to connect brands with consumers because they elicit emotional, excited feelings in customers, similar to what we feel when we open a new package or unwrap a gift. There is also a sense of authenticity when someone goes through the motions of opening something new and describing everything that they see in real-time.

To get this type of video, ask a customer to participate, and maybe offer a free or discounted product. (They’ll be more excited in the video if they know the product is theirs, and you might even get a video testimonial out of it!) Alternatively, you can ask a friend who hasn’t seen the product before, and even include one of your well-spoken team members to explain the main features if they’re very technical or complicated.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

These types of videos take customers into the parts of your business that are normally reserved for employees only. Whether you show your team hard at work, interview employees to find out what they do, show products being built or film a photo shoot – you will be giving a face to the company, allowing customers to see who you really are, and to feel an actual connection with you.

An example of this can be seen with Viberg Boot. Viberg Boot is a handmade footwear company for men that market to a higher-end clientele, with shoes in the $700 range.

Selling shoes at this price range is not the easiest task for any marketer, especially if the brand is relatively unknown, but Viberg is using the human element of video to show customers exactly why they should be opening their wallets.

Instead of just telling consumers that their shoes are handmade and beautiful, and showing images of the shoes, they actually show the shoes being created by staff, opening up their world to the eyes of customers.

If you watch the video above, you’ll understand the power of having an employee narrate the video, talking you through the process of making these detailed shoes. It definitely makes for a more memorable experience than just showing the shoe on a foot!

Giving Your Customers the Inside Scoop

A new infographic revealed that in B2B buying, emotion matters even more than logic and reason. Customers want to see who is behind the brand and by giving them insight into your day-to-day operations, corporate culture and personalities, you can grow your audience and establish trust.

So use video to capture the magic of your brand, what it is that makes you special, and create a series of videos that introduce your employees and customers, and take us into your workplace.

By doing so you won’t just be selling your products to customers, you will be selling your brand.

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Written By Claire Brinkley

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