High Grade Vanadium

CEO of VanadiumCorp Resources, Adriaan Bakker speaks on the company’s high-grade Vanadium project in Quebec.

My name is Adriaan Bakker and I work for Vanadium Corp as a CEO. The projects are all Quebec based, next infrastructure, easy access. Our main flagship, The Lac Dore Vanadium Project is about a half an hour drive away from the town of Chibougamau. It’s a mining center that has all the infrastructure in place, it’s a high-grade Vanadium bearing magnetite resource. Vanadium is a particularly intriguing metal as it is the only metal that can conduct electricity and not generate heat. So, it doesn’t catch fire or explode which is a pretty bad thing if you’ve got an electric car, vanadium batteries are the next wave. And particularly with grid storage, renewable power, load leveling for cities, micro grids this is where vanadium batteries shine. There’s a really big buzz with Vanadium with the rare earth rush that happened a number of years ago. It’s really a market that’s controlled by the steel industry by large because Vanadium is the cheapest and easiest way to strengthen steel. You only need about two kilograms per ton of steel to double the strength so it’s a phenomenal steel strengthener. Recently, we filed a US provisional patent on an exclusive processing technology so we can directly produce Vanadium electrolyte. No smelting or roasting required which is a pretty big breakthrough in the vanadium business in general.

VanadiumCorp intends to become the leading vanadium supplier to the emerging vanadium battery market for grid level and renewable energy storage. The Company is located in the mining friendly jurisdiction of Quebec, Canada. VanadiumCorp’s proprietary breakthrough process is 100% green with unprecedented recovery of metal value. Further advantage is 100% ownership and development of two of the purest VTM deposits in the world. The Company’s Phase II trial production plant in Boucherville Quebec is now transforming VTM, slags and calcine into multiple vanadium, iron and titanium products.


  • Demonstrate, commercialize new 100% green processing technology developed in Quebec, Canada with many advantages over conventional technologies
  • Apply technology to Canadian resources and various feedstocks as well as license technology globally
  • Replace polluting, low recovery smelting and roasting process for steelmaking, vanadium and titanium production with 100% green, high efficiency and high recovery process technology
  • Produce battery materials and high purity metal products with Canadian mineral resources and global waste feedstocks
  • Foster commercialization of low cost reliable energy storage technology (Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries) with strategic supply and innovative process technology

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