Personalized Diagnostic Software


On the next BTV, a diagnostic company whose personalizing treatments for individual patients. 3D Signatures is a personalized medicine company and by that I mean we’re a company that’s developing a new class of biomarkers based on a proprietary software program that we developed. With a similar approach in each cancer will be able to bring a number of tests to market over the coming years. Watch us online or here on BNN.

3D Signatures Inc. is a novel personalized medicine company with proprietary software that can analyze a patient’s chromosomal arrangement – or signature – through a simple non-invasive blood test or tissue sample, measuring disease stage and genomic stability, as well as drug efficacy and potential side effects.

Unlike most diagnostic companies, our proprietary imaging software goes beyond identifying whether a patient suffers from a specific disease or condition.

Our analytics platform tells doctors how to personalize treatment and best manage the disease for each individual patient.

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