Avino: Precious Metal Mines in Mexico and British Columbia

Avino is in its fifty first year since incorporation. They’ve been in Mexico ever since they’ve operated the mine there for 33 years. Annually, they produce two point seven million ounces of silver equivalent.

Furthermore, the company’s unique, progressive approach to exploration and mine development places an emphasis on relationships, trust and innovation.

Their philosophy has helped them become an efficient company in the industry. In addition, they have two mines in operation in Mexico, a funding partnership with Samsung and a gold mine in development in southern British Columbia. 

More On The British Columbia Bralorne Gold Mine

Avino Silver & Gold Mines acquired Bralorne Gold Mine in October 2014. It’s a famous mine that has produced over 4 million ounces of gold from the Great Depression right up to the late 60s.

Moreover, the Bralorne Gold Mine, located in southwestern British Columbia, operated under trial production status between 2010 and 2014. Currently, the mine remains in the exploration and evaluation stage.

Avino is implementing a multi-stage, multi-year plan to discover new mineralized zones. The company wants to increase gold resources, expand the mine’s operating capacity and realize a much more efficient operation that will have the potential to contribute significantly to their overall production.

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