Expansion & Growth for Belgravia


Mehdi Azodi, President & CEO of Belgravia Capital Inc. talks about the company’s rapid growth phase that will benefit investors.

“The focus of the company is to develop strategic joint ventures, strategic assets that are internally wholly owned subsidiaries which have direct path to revenue that can show investors that the company’s cash flow positive. The focus has been in the cannabis sector, we’re investigating blockchain, artificial intelligence and of course various resource plays. The whole model of Belgravia Capital is expansion and growth. There are three different silos the investment, the development and the royalty and all these come together to really excite the market with the expansion in the revenue growth phase that we’re going be entering into as the quarters evolve. What’s very unique about Belgravia Capital is the fact that it’s financed, it has a large revenue stream coming in and it’s got a very experienced board and executive team that are tackling projects in Canada, the United States and abroad. Well the future is very bright and it’s very simple. We are in a rapid growth phase to build our own internal subsidiaries and link investee companies to internally build, develop and get to the revenue path that we’re seeking that investors are very hungry for.” – Mehdi Azodi, President & CEO of Belgravia Capital Inc.

Belgravia Capital International Inc. is focused on three core business divisions: Incubator, Investments, and Royalty & Management Services. The Incubator division provides capital to support the development of early stage companies in the Biotech/Healthcare, Technology, Resources and Medical sectors. Belgravia Holdings, the Investments division, invests in various private and public companies with a focus on value. Belgravia Royalty & Management Services has a royalty and fee income model. Further, the cash and investment asset base provides capital to support international expansion on a selective basis.

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