Exploring for Gold in the Heart of California


Vishal Gupta, President & CEO of California Gold Mining describes this exploration company’s plans for their property along the Mother Load Gold Belt.

I am a resource geologist, I am professional geo-scientist and I worked as a resource geologist for several junior companies in the past. So about four years ago I decided this was too good an opportunity for me to pass by and so I decided to join the corporate side of mining by joining California Gold and I have been there ever since, four years ago.

California Gold is a resource exploration company with its main project in Mariposa County, California, we have recently come up with our first 43-101 compliance resource of 900,000 ounces, we believe the property has a much bigger gold potential on the rest of the mineralized zones running on the property and over the next 12 to 24 months, we hope to realize that potential.

Our property is along the Mother Load Gold Belt which is a very well established historical gold district in California which runs for about 200 kilometres through the heart of California, our property has a four kilometres strike of the Mother Load Gold Belt running on it and within that four kilometres we have drilled off roughly one kilometre and that’s where our 900,000 ounce resource actually sits. So we have potentially a four times expansion potential on the property.

It’s a pretty exciting time for our company, we — I believe we are at a very important reflection point in our company’s life cycle and we hope to realize that potential for our shareholders in the next 12 to 24 months.

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