New Listing Alert! Cannabis One Holdings is on the CSE

Cannabis retail, distribution and branding company is now listed on the CSE.

“Cannabis One is a multi-state operator across the United States focusing on the states of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California. We currently have expansion underway into the other legal markets in the United States and Canada. And we are also focused on the branding of the industry, more of a house of brands rather than a branded house. Our uniqueness is the fact that our operations began in the very beginning of cannabis legalization back in 2014 when Colorado passed Amendment 64. We’ve been around before there were good practices or best practices and we are the ones that actually created those best practices across the industry. Cannabis One is currently listed under that symbol CBIS on the CSE.” – Jeffery Mascio, President & CEO of Cannabis One Holdings Inc.

Cannabis One is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and positioned to redefine the traditional, vertically-integrated, seed-to-sale business model with a specific focus on aggregating cannabis retail distribution and brand manufacturing. With over 80 years of collective experience in asset management, real estate, compliance, corporate finance, and building value, the Cannabis One team is ideally positioned to generate returns across the entire cannabis value chain. Initially, the Company will use its experience in Colorado cultivation, production, and retail to then expand across four major US states, while anticipating further expansion to other North American jurisdictions which have legalized medical and/or recreational cannabis.

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