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625,000 sq.ft. Indoor Facility

“My name is Zohar Krivorot, founder and CEO of Cannara Biotech. Cannara’s symbol is “LOVE” and we’re listed on the CSE. Cannara Biotech is a cannabis company focused on cultivation and cannabis-infused products. Our facility, once completed, will be leveraged to produce high-grade cannabis from Phase 1 of our six-hundred-and-twenty-five-thousand square feet indoor building (625,000 sq. ft.). We are able to monitor and control the indoor environment resulting in better crop yields and quality.” – Zohar Krivorot, founder and CEO of Cannara Biotech

Cannara Biotech is building one of the largest indoor cannabis cultivation facilities in Canada and the largest in Quebec. The facility will leverage Quebec’s low electricity costs to produce high-grade indoor grown cannabis and cannabis-infused products for the Canadian and international markets. A collaboration strategy is currently in place with leading partners to produce edibles, beverages, capsules, cosmetics, and companion animal products. Most recently, Cannara Biotech, through a subsidiary company, entered the U.S. CBD-hemp market with an online eCommerce platform called, which will also make the company an aggregator of U.S. CBD-hemp products.

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