Cannvas MedTech: Be Educated on Everything Cannabis

Shawn Moniz, CEO of Cannvas MedTech Inc. gives insight into their company’s cannabis education and analytics platform.

“Cannvas MedTech is one of the few data analytics companies within the cannabis space. We lead and win with education and provide meaningful insights to the rest of the industry. We’re building patient centric solutions for the different industry gaps that we’re seeing. The first one being in the education realm and the second one in analytics. There really isn’t anybody pushing education first and there really isn’t anybody looking at data analytics to serve that back to the end user, to inform the industry on why it is important to learn about the different users of cannabis and what are people actually telling you in the data. What we wanted to do is not curate any content where people are either enticed or pushed in any direction to get on script. We wanted them to learn and that’s how we win. We win on the analytics and understanding why people are learning about cannabis, what they’re treating for, a little bit about why they’re doing it, what ailment and then not having that push at the end to go on script allows us to play that fine line of being agnostic and unbiased. We’ve grown to 12 full time with seven contractors so, the office is pretty busy. We almost had 20 people within one year and the growth trajectory is just phenomenal and it really is exciting for us.” – Shawn Moniz, CEO of Cannvas MedTech Inc.

Cannvas MedTech is a leading business technology company in the cannabis space. We design and build customer-centric solutions that enable our partners to harness the power of data to truly understand their customers, industry, and key business drivers. enables users of all backgrounds and personas to fully understand the potential of cannabis through an unbiased educational platform designed specifically for the global medicinal and adult-use cannabis communities. Featuring innovative tools & physician-backed content for audiences wishing to learn about healthcare through cannabis.

Many sites out there are funded through large corporations that corner both sides of this market: product and content. CANNVAS MedTech is Canada’s first independently funded public company that focuses solely on the education of learning about cannabis. Our rewards are lifestyle based not product based. We will never entice our users in the purchase of cannabis.

Our mission is to educate, period.

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