Captor: Over $14 Million U.S. in Revenue in the First Half of 2018

Captor Capital is building a portfolio of high quality, revenue generating assets through acquisition.

Captor Capital Corp. is a vertically integrated cannabis company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, OTC USA and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. We cultivate, manufacture and distribute recreational and medical marijuana based products to consumers through our leading brands and dispensary retail stores.

Captor Cannabis is a leading producer and marketer of superior cannabis for recreational and medical use.

Our primary focus is to provide our customers with easy access to a wide selection of products supported by excellent service. Captor stores are stylish, comfortable and designed for your enjoyment. Our diverse team are there to answer any questions you need and help you have the best experience possible.


In addition to operating its wholly owned brands such as Mellow Extracts and Chai, Captor also enters into strategic management contracts with leading cannabis brands such as MedMen to operate some of its facilities.


Cultivation is the growing and harvesting of the cannabis plant. By investing in high technology production facilities Captor can ensure the quality, safety, and supply of its recreational and medical cannabis products.

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