New Listing Alert: CB2 Insights is on the CSE

CB2 Insights is now trading on the CSE under the symbol CBII

“My name is Prad Sekar and I’m the chief executive officer of CB2 Insights. CB2 Insights started trading on the Canadian Security Exchange under ticker symbol CBII. CB2 Insights focuses on filling the gap between crowd sourced anecdotal data and the lack of clinical trials within the medical cannabis space. The use of our own clinical assets today in the US combined with proprietary technology allow us to focus on standardized data collection of clinical trial protocols and recently announcing an acquisition of Relax Clarity in Colorado expands our base to over 80,000 patients across the U.S. in 14 states. Information that we collect goes beyond anecdotal crowd sourced data and could be utilized in future decision making support by stakeholders in a global medical cannabis industry.” – Prad Sekar, CEO of CB2 Insights

CB2 Insights has a mission to mainstream medical cannabis into traditional healthcare. We do so by gathering data and creating objective real-world evidence through our proprietary software and clinical service brands.

Using clinical management and data collection software at the point-of-care, CB2 Insights and its group of sub-brands has become a leading force behind bringing traditional healthcare protocols to the rapidly evolving global cannabis industry.

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