Promising Project in Historic Mining Province


David Kelley, President & CEO of Chakana Copper Corp. speaks about their one hundred percent purchase option agreement with Condor Resources.

“I was with major mining companies; BHP, Western Mining, Newmont, MMG for the last 10 years looking after exploration in the Americas. When we started the company in December of 2016, I already had a short list of projects. We’re pursuing copper-gold, a high-grade, smaller footprint type of deposit in central Peru. The Soledad project – it’s a joint venture with Condor resources. We have a hundred percent purchase option agreement with Condor. The project is located in Ancash it’s 35 kilometers south of Pierina. There’s nine pipes identified on the property to date and we started a drill program in August and we’re just about to eclipse 11,000 meters of drilling since the start on two pipes. So, we have lots of upside with the additional pipes to drill and we’re continuing to drill these pipes at depth with really exceptional grades. Ancash is one of the historic mining provinces of Peru, it’s really well situated from a mining standpoint there’s plenty of water, there’s hydro, there’s actually operating mines immediately east of our property. The message for me is to continue to watch what we’re doing because we’re being very aggressive on the exploration side. We will drill throughout the year so the results will be coming out on a very consistent basis and I’m very excited about the results we’ve delivered to date and I have no reason to think that we’ll continue to do that with the other Breccia Pipes as we drill.” – David Kelley, President & CEO of Chakana Copper Corp.

Chakana Copper Corp. is a Canadian based minerals exploration company and through its wholly owned Peruvian subsidiary, Chakana Resources S.A.C., is currently advancing the Soledad project near Aija, in the Ancash region of the highly prolific Cordillera Negra mountain range of Peru.

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