Cobalt Prices Are Up 200% In the Past 2-Years!

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Early mover advantage: in the Cobalt space Cruz was able to acquire 9 of the best available, under-developed, historically high-grade Cobalt projects across North America.

Why Cruz?

Positive Outlook: Airborn data has shown strong magnetic features in BC and identified 6 primary targets in Ontario. 

Exploration in Idaho, Montana, BC and Ontario will begin this year. Cruz currently has more cash on hand than at any other point.


Market internals are strong for a continued cobalt rally

Most of the world's Cobalt comes from the politically unstable Democratic Republic of Congo, creating supply disruptions. Cruz is focused on politically stable, environmentally responsible

and ethical mining jurisdictions.

Ethical Mining

Key Investment Highlights

Cobalt is one of 3 key minerals used to make Tesla battery packs. 

Without Cobalt there would not be long lasting batteries for EVs, smart phones, or laptops.

Key Mineral

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is driving up demand for batteries, and the raw materials used to make them. 

Rising Demand

Take advantage of this amazing investment opportunity

Multiple Cobalt Work Programs Now Underway in North America!

Cruz employed early mover advantage as Cruz has been able to acquire, what we feel is one of the best collections of high grade cobalt prospects in North America before the majority of the recent cobalt entrants were in the space. The demand for battery metals appears to be at the start of long term super cycle and Cruz has positioned itself early to take advantage of this boom.

James Nelson, President, Cruz Cobalt