Defense Metals CEO Maximilian Sali On Feeding Demand for Rare Earth Metals For Defense

Defense Metals light rare earth project located in Prince George, British Columbia. Also, hold a uranium package of ninety-four hundred hectares in the Athabasca Basin. A lot, rare earths used in military uses, magnets, electric vehicles, fighter jets. Things that are very important to nations and nations abroad. It is military uses and safety. Right now about 90 percent of the rare earths in the world come from China. Now, With the U.S. and China trade tensions we want to be able to produce rare earths in North America for military. Now, The key project is the Wicheeda Light Rare Earth Project located in Prince George. , This is an advanced project, from a private company and we are in the works to test this project. We do have a main resource on the project. Currently doing a pilot plant with SGS labs to produce a sailable oxide rare earth to sell to a third party. The other project is in the Athabasca Basin. Now, the uranium assets are in early stage exploration. It focus would be in the later part of 2019 to drill uranium targets. Keeping in mind, If you look at our market cap right now that our assets don’t reflect our market capital. With a little bit more exploration and some worked on the properties, we can increase our market cap.” – Maximilian Sali, Founder & CEO of Defense Metals Corp.

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Also, The demand increase for rare earth elements are from the use of permanent magnets in EVs and renewable energy generation. Mainly, Neodymium, Praseodymium and Dysprosium anticipated to have greater demand in the future. Adding, Defense Metals’ Wicheeda Property is an ideal opportunity for verticearthsal integration. Supporting the growing market of rare earths and reduce the reliance on China.
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