Rare Earth Metals for the Military

“Rare earths are used in military uses all over the world. Currently, 90 percent of the world’s rare earths are produced in China. Defense Metals has a light rare earth minerals asset in North America. With the tension with the U.S. and China we would like to be the North American go to supplier of rare earths to governments and military.” – Maximilian Sali, CEO & Director at Defense Metals Corp.

Defense Metals Corp. is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of minerals, metals and elements commonly used in the protection of our nation and other nations abroad. Defense Metals Corp. trades under “DEFN” on the TSX Venture Exchange. The Company owns (i) a 100% interest in prospective uranium claims in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan totalling approximately 9,362.65 hectares; (ii) has an option to acquire 100% of the Wicheeda Rare Earth Element Project located in Prince George, British Columbia; and (iii) has an option to acquire 100% of the Lac Burge gold property located approximately 215 km northeast of Val d’Or, Quebec.

Rare Earth Defense Applications:

Nd – Neodymium

High-powered Neodymium rare earth magnet actuators control various air surfaces during military operation.

Pr – Praseodymium

Praseodymium is used as an alloying agent with magnesium to create high-strength metals used in aircraft engines.

Sm – Samarium

Used to dope calcium chloride crystals for use in optical lasers, Infrared absorbing glass and as a neutron absorber in nuclear reactors.

Ce – Cerium

Cerium-based compounds are used as polishing media for many types of optical lenses encountered in the battlefield.

La – Lanthanum

Used in camera and telescope, night vision lenses. Also, to gain efficiency in converting crude oil into refined gasoline.

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