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WiFi with higher speed and reliability

Global WiFi demand is growing rapidly. With more mobile users and more connection issues. Equally important, Edgewater Wireless is revolutionizing the 33 billion dollar. WiFi market with patented solutions that enhance speed and reliability.

Edgewater Wireless is revolutionizing WiFi infrastructure. WiFi3™ technology and Next Generation Access Points. Besides, WiFi3™ is the difference, delivering up to 50x greater throughput vs traditional WiFi and dramatically lowering network infrastructure investment.

Edgewater Wireless commercializes leading edge wireless technologies for the service provider market.

Furthersome, with a rich patent portfolio and some of the world’s most talented engineers, Edgewater Wireless is developing what service providers and your customers have long been asking for.

Vastly improved, WiFi network performance across a variety of industries and challenging environments with unparalleled performance, high flexibility and unsurpassed security.


WiFi3™ is the world’s first custom silicon solution designed specifically for high-density & capacity WiFi products.

Moreover, the scale, growth and everyday reliance on WiFi has created densification – resulting in; WiFi interference, poor performance of legacy, single channel WiFi solutions and has created a need for innovation of WiFi at it’s core.

WiFi3™ is an innovative, new silicon solution and radio architecture developed to solve tomorrow’s challenges today.

WiFi products & solutions integrated with WiFi3™, deliver next generation performance. However, this combination meets the accelerating demand for cost effective, reliable and robust data networking in one of the fastest growing industries in the world – Wireless Communications.

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