Leading Edge In Solid-State Electrical Energy Storage

EEStor Corporation is the provider of leading edge solid-state electrical energy storage systems and related technologies.

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"This is not a research lab, this is a facility designed for scaling which can become commercial very quickly"

- Ian Clifford, CEO

  • EEStor has developed and patented a lead free technology.
  • US7033406 Electrical Energy Storage Unit
  • EEStor technology was patented in 2006 and remains a leading technology when compared to academic and commercial products available today.


  • Electric transportation manufacturers, brand name electronic companies, multi-national Green Energy applications and large capacitor manufacturers.
  • High value niche market players also stands as a strong market for our different variety of technology.

Market Opportunities

  • EEStor's uses only non-toxic materials and holds a long life of more than 1 million cycles, making it a very durable good.
  • General capacitors need to be replaced several times to match the life span of EEStor's capacitors.
  • All Batteries are non-toxic in production, use, and disposal

Low Environmental Impact

  • Increase in power density, energy density, charging speed and use service life.
  • Decrease in total amortized cost.
  • Non-toxic domestically and globally available raw materials.

Unique Product Performance

EEStor at a Glance

Highly Experienced Management Team

Ian Clifford
Director, Founder, CEO

Over twenty five years of experience as a technology marketing strategist and multimedia producer. Ian successfully led the EEStor Corporation to global brand recognition through its unique energy storage solutions.

Dick Weir
Co-Founder, CTO

Mr. Weir is the Co-Founder of EEStor Inc. and he holds over 35 years of engineering and operational management from various companies including, IBM, Burroughs, TRW. 

Kevin Spall
Director, CFO

Kevin has over 15 years of financial services and alternative energy experience primarily working in the areas of corporate finance, business development, and investment banking.

What's Next?

On-Going Testing Suggest Dramatic Improvements. Completion of Testing Should Confirm:

Secure licensing agreements for multiple sectors of deployment.

Measured improvements in our technology for energy storage capacity.

Ranking of the performance of EEStor's technology with other technologies in the industry.


As of Today:

$15+ Billion

Year 2040:

$265+ Billion

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