Eco-Friendly Metal Extraction Technology

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EnviroLeach is a new technology company that has developed a very unique way of extracting precious metals from not only conventional mining ores and concentrates but now also e-waste.It’s extremely unique because of its environmentally friendly fashion.It’s made of five fda-approved ingredients and they’re approved for human consumption.As a company EnviroLeach also will be developing and building its own recycling, e-waste recycling, centers across North America.EnviroLeach’s objective is to become a leading producer of precious metals using its proprietary and eco-friendly metallurgical processes.EnviroLeach is a near-term gold producer that extracts precious and strategic metals from ores, concentrates and E-Waste using a new proprietary electro-chemical process.This process has been proven to be a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the current Cyanide, Smelter and Strong-Acid based processes used today.For more information on EnviroLeach Technologies Inc. (ETI:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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