Precious Metals In Argentina


Wojtek Wodzicki, CEO of Filo Mining Corporation, speaks on Filo’s current expansion drilling and metallurgical test work.

Filo Mining was a spin out from NGEx resources that we completed last summer in August.  It’s been really successful. We’re focused on copper, gold and silver. Our main project is Filo Del Sol located in San Juan Province, Argentina.  Our current resource is 4 million ounces of gold, 150 million ounces of silver, 3.3 billion pounds of copper. We’re a part of The Lundin Group of companies which is really important both in terms of just really the backup that we have for the strong technical team that we’ve got. The Lundin’s have been some of the successful resource investors in the business. We’re the technical guys. We create the playing pieces and then we’ve got a really strong backup of deal makers and people that are able to help us finance through good times and bad times which has been critical. We’re working from a really significant resource, but unlike a lot of projects that are at the resource stage, we still have a lot of exploration upside. We’re looking at a resource that is potentially Heap leachable and the reason that’s important is that, makes it amendable to a much lower cost technique for extracting the metals. We’re doing resource expansion drilling right now, a bunch more metallurgical test work and if it all comes together we’re hoping to move towards the PEA by the end of the year.

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