New on the TSX: State-of-the-Art Cannabis Testing

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“My name is Dan Dalla-Longa, I’m the CEO and Director of FluroTech Limited. FluroTech is trading on the TSX V be under the symbol TEST. FluroTech offers a portable solution for testing cannabis through its flagship brand CompleTest. It’ll have a number of applications; testing a THC and CBD, pesticides and chemicals, fentanyl and methamphetamines. There will be a roadside application, an industrial application and then we’re going to have what we call the biomarker. The biomarker will be used to track cannabis from the grower through to the end consumer and we believe it’s going to be an industry disrupter. We look to commercialization by the end of October 2018.” – Dan Dalla-Longa, CEO & Director of FluroTech

CompleTest™ is FluroTech’s flagship brand and product line. CompleTest™ is a portable, cost-effective, state-of- the-art cannabis testing device. It provides quick, accurate, and consistent testing results. It’s designed for cultivators, dispensaries and anyone with a vested interest in consumer safety to test the quality and safety of their cannabis products and optimize potency yield.

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