Mobile Payment Platform To Include Cryptocurrencies


Desmond Griffin, CEO and Co-Founder, of Glance Technologies shares the company’s plans to integrate their mobile payment platform with cyrptocurrency and Blockchain technologies.

Currently, I’m the CEO and co-founder of a company called Glance Technologies. Previously, I was a CEO co-founder of a company called Pay By Phone which let people pay for parking with their phone in over 100 cities around the world. At Glance, we provide a mobile payments and rewards platform with proprietary anti-fraud technology. We’re currently working on integrating that platform with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Our early target market has been the full-service restaurant industry however, we started to branch out into retail, quick serve and remote payment situations. There’s so much technology and data available in today’s smartphones that it provides us with more opportunities to prevent fraud when compared to a traditional web-based payment. And we have previously announced that we’ve gone over eight months with zero fraud system-wide since we implement our anti-fraud technology. Now compare that to Apple Pay which has been reported to have over 6% fraud after its initial months of launch. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin are set to fundamentally change how payments work. We also believe that mobile technologies are the future of payments and thus we’re working to combine the two. We’re extremely pleased with what we’ve accomplished so far with our mobile technology. Now we’re excited about our opportunities in the US and in the cryptocurrency space. We have also licensed their technologies to take advantage of high-growth markets and we’re also looking for more opportunities to license our technologies.

Glance Pay Mobile Payment App is a secure, simple and intelligent way to pay your restaurant bill. Gone are the days of reaching to find your credit card in a restaurant and waiting for the server to come back to your table only to leave again to get you a credit card machine.

Like all of our future mobile payment applications by Glance Technologies, our first mobile payment platform for restaurants Glance Pay has been engineered with security and ease of usage in mind. Glance Pay Mobile Payment App technology boasts state of the art capabilities. Its accounting features are designed for easy record keeping for both restaurants and users alike.

Glance Pay users can access directly from inside the app their records, receipts and rewards. Receipts can be easily emailed to an accountant or bookkeeper when needed. Glance Pay provides advanced tools to restaurants and customers for fraud mitigation.

By allowing customers to store all of their payment information in one secure location, our Glance Pay mobile payment platform decreases the risk of fraud to consumers while increasing customer satisfaction, speed and convenience.

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