Fully Licensed Brewery Creek Gold Mine in the Yukon

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The primary focus of Golden Predator Mining is to advance the Brewery Creek gold mine in the Yukon

The Brewery Creek mine had closed due to low gold prices below three hundred dollars an ounce, not due to a lack of resources. Leaving about one hundred and fifty thousand ounces, Golden Predator picked it up in 2009. In fact, the company completed about 30 million dollars worth of drilling in three years and expanded to about eight hundred and fifty thousand oxide ounces.

Golden Predator’s Projects

The Brewery Creek mine is fully licensed. Further, it has a quartz mining license and has a water license. “There aren’t too many first world jurisdiction projects over a gram per ton that have that license and are able to move as fast as we can”, says Janet Lee-Sheriff, CEO.

The company also holds the 3 Aces project in southeast Yukon. Their goal there is to continue exploration. One of things they’ve been able to do there is build a bulk sample test plant in the community of Watson Lake. To further explain, this allows them to process the bulk sample locally as well as having a nice by product of gold.

“Now we’re working with the Yukon government to develop a bit of a management plan and set a framework for how bulk sample plants can be established in the Yukon”, says Lee-Sheriff.

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