2 Fully Permitted Uranium Projects in Africa

Daniel Major, CEO of GoviEx Uranium speaks about the company’s three projects in Africa, two of which are fully permitted.

“GoviEx is an uranium explorer, developer and is focused totally in Africa. We’ve put together three major projects in Africa, two of which are fully permitted, ready to be built with an improving uranium price. There’s been a lot of change since 2011 in Fukushima and I think what you’re seeing is an increasing realization that you have to have a nuclear base load. While renewables are being pushed forward, they’re starting to plateau. We’re now finding that with the re-engineering of reactors, they’re getting 15% more power but three percent the cost of solars for example. One of the benefits certainly of nuclear is it is a very clean energy, obviously produces no carbon emissions. It actually produces less greenhouse gases as well than solar or wind. It’s also very low cost, it’s actually cheaper than solar and wind, on an all-in cost basis and because of the extensions is actually getting cheaper. GoviEx is a uranium story about building mines and generating cash flow and we’re able to do that because we have those permits. So, we’re positioning ourselves beautifully, ready for when that cycle turns whereas a lot of that uranium companies you’ll talk to out there, they’re still exploring or they’re going to be permitting for the next 10 to 15 years. GoviEx is not, we’ll actually be generating cash flow out of this cycle.” – Daniel Major, CEO of GoviEx Uranium

GoviEx is a mineral resource company focused on the exploration and development of
uranium properties in Africa. GoviEx’s principal objective is to become a significant uranium
producer through the continued exploration and development of its flagship mine-permitted
Madaouela Project in Niger, its mine-permitted Mutanga Project in Zambia, and its other
uranium properties in Africa.

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