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“My name is Peter Kim. I’m the CEO of Graph Blockchain. We’re listed on the CSE under GBLC. Graph Blockchain is a database management company that utilizes IBM’s Hyperledger to provide a blockchain solution for large enterprise corporations. Our clients include LG and Samsung. Simply put, what we do is database management with blockchain. What makes us unique is we have one million dollars in revenue in under nine short months, in addition to having four patents filed both in the U.S. and in Korea. I’m very excited to be in this globally adopted technology which is seen as a novelty today but will be a industry standard tomorrow. We’re Graph Blockchain, we’re listed on the CSE and our symbol is GBLC.” – Peter Kim, CEO of Graph Blockchain

Graph Blockchain Limited is a Blockchain development company that provides state of the art Blockchain solutions for corporations and government agencies.

About blockchain

Blockchain is a digital tool for doing a variety of functions such as recording and verifying transactions. These functions have much needed utilization for security advances in the financial services, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and retail industries.

The biggest strength of blockchain technology is that it allows data to be shared within trusted networks, without impacting on customized interfaces. It runs computations on data while keeping the data itself completely private, using an optimized version of secure, multiparty computation.

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