High-End, Quality Cannabis Products From Seed to Shelf

GTEC’s attention is on creating vertically integrated, high-end quality cannabis products from seed to shelf.

GreenTec Holdings Ltd (“GTEC Holdings”) was formed in Kelowna, British Columbia in 2017. Our mission is to identify and consolidate Licensed Producers of craft cannabis under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (“ACMPR”).

Our dedicated team has been involved in every aspect of the industry – from financing, to operating and optimizing numerous Licensed Producers, with a proven track record successfully building, and listing multiple legal cannabis companies on the CSE & TSX.V

Collectively, we are comprised of a diverse skill set, including successful venture capitalists, PhD scientists, cultivation experts, food and beverage executives, and former law enforcement officers.


The GTEC Holdings Group of companies strives for full vertical integration within the cannabis eco-system. This allows us to ensure that consumer end-products are cultivated with quality, care and consistency.

With a strict mandate to wholly own and internally operate our cultivation facilities, we are able to implement the highest standards at every level – from initial construction, to genetic selection, cultivation and final harvest.

GTEC’s product portfolio will be designed to target distinct consumer segments within the premium craft cannabis market. Superior quality and product innovation will be key success drivers for GTEC.

A foundation of high quality products, complemented by progressive marketing, will allow GTEC to build long-term value in its premium brands.

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