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HBLK tracks the Harvest Blockchain Technologies Index which invests in a cross section of large established companies and dedicated emerging businesses that are primarily involved in the development of blockchain technologies.

Blockchain Technologies ETF

Unique Index Portfolio: Balance of Large Cap and Emerging Blockchain issuers. Portfolio rebalances quarterly and over time will formulaically adjust to heavier weighting in Emerging Blockchain issuers as the market grows and the technology evolves.

Diversified: Established technology firms, payment providers, crypto miners and technology consultants.

Capital Appreciation Opportunity: 100% long equity. Appreciation linked to the growth of the Harvest Blockchain Technologies Index.

Currency: Canadian Dollar. 

Fee: 0.65% management fee.

Investment Highlights

Source: ACI Worldwide

Harvest Blockchain Technologies Index

The primary stock index, the Harvest Blockchain Technologies Index, tracks up to 50 public companies with business activities focused on the blockchain industry in North America. It is broken down into two segments.

Large Cap Blockchain holdings, including:

Selected Emerging Blockchain holdings, including:

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