ETFs with Consistent Income & Capital Growth | Michael Kovacs

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Michael Kovacs, president & CEO of Harvest Portfolios, talks about the company’s approach for capital growth in the long-term and generate income consistently.

“I’m Michael Kovacs, president and founder of Harvest Portfolios. Harvest is one of the fastest growing ETF businesses in Canada for a number of reasons. We believe that the way to really capture growth over the long term is to own pieces of businesses and grow with those businesses. We focus on long-term secular trends. Trends that are affecting society. We generate income by writing options, by collecting dividends, and paying that our unit holders every month.All of our investors can focus on industries that they’re comfortable with through very transparent portfolios. Whether you’re buying blockchain, healthcare, energy, all of our focus is on the long-term growth of great companies over time. The blockchain ETF is based on the dynamic and growing blockchain industry. There’s large companies like IBM and Visa, and there’s a lot of small companies in the space that are what we call dedicated emerging blockchain companies.We want to ensure we had a cross-section of a lot of these smaller, developing companies and the large companies. Because over the next 5-10 years the industry is going to change quite a bit. We are going to go back and review all the factors that allow these companies to be constituents in the portfolio. We believe at Harvest to really grow your capital, you’ve got to own companies over the long term. And then if you’re looking for income, we want to generate that income on a consistent basis.” – Michael Kovacs, CEO of Harvest Portfolios

About Harvest Portfolio and their Principle for Capital Growth

At Harvest Portfolios, our guiding principles are premised on building wealth for our clients through ownership of strong businesses. That have the potential to grow & generate steady income over the long term.
Clients First: We believe investors care about investments they can understand. At Harvest, we provide products built on solid fundamentals to protect & grow investor capital to meet their long-term objectives.
Consistent Income & Growth: We follow a quantitative & fundamental process to systematically select & manage investment solutions that adhere to our core tenents: to provide consistent steady income and growth.
Simplicity & Transparency: Harvest believes in providing investors with clear mandates that are easily understood & portfolios that are accessible to all. Know what you own.
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