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Is it time to add income to your portfolio? Harvest ETF’s. designed to deliver long term growth and consistent income. We generate income by owning great businesses in growth industries.We believe investors care about investments they can understand. At Harvest, we provide products built on solid fundamentals to protect & grow investor capital to meet their long-term objectives.We understand that investors work hard for their money and want to reap the rewards of a solid investment portfolio. That is the reason we endeavour to provide investors with access to unique investment products. That complement a portfolio and will produce steady income over the long term.

Exchange Traded Funds

  • Harvest ETF’s managed simple investment solutions provides long term growth with attractive income opportunities.

Mutual Funds

  • Harvest Mutual Funds provide attractive monthly distributions and seek to maximize long term total returns through active management.

Structured Funds

  • Harvest Structured Funds are focused on long term income generating investment products and trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
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