Harvest Portfolios Group: Canada’s First Blockchain Technologies ETF


Blockchain technology is transforming business and consumer transactions. Payment Providers, Crypto-Mining and Big Tech. Both established and developing companies. Canada’s first Blockchain Technologies ETF

A decentralized and distributed digital ledger that facilitates recording data and transactions in an unalterable database. It enables transactions to be validated through without a centralized intermediary. While maintaining a high level of security.

The technology is expected to have a disruptive impact across global systems. Transforming how governments, institutions, businesses and individuals interact and transact.

HBLK tracks the Harvest Blockchain Technologies Index which invests in a cross section of large established companies. And dedicated emerging businesses that are primarily involved in blockchain technology services.

For more information on Harvest Portfolios Group (HBLK:TSX) please visit their website at harvestportfolios.com.